Andy Warhol Interview magazine, January 1979 Issue (part 1)



Andy Warhol Interview magazine, January 1979 Issue; interviewed by Michael Musto. photo by: George Sebastian Walz DuBose

 5)Earlier stage of the Plasmatics

Another earlier stage of the Plasmatics, look at Richie, he was such a good-looking boy, we were the punk rocker, but we felt pretty average at that time, and Wendy had just started doing funny stuff.

My friend Ron from the Testors told that your lead singer flashed her tits while singing a song. I’ve said. “What?”. I did not see a thing. I focused on playing. I didn’t even notice. And again, it became her regularly, Act. It was before the introduction of the chainsaw massacre action era.

And we’re middle of the guerrilla poster warfare. During late 1970’s, all unknown local band had own flyers and posters. Our job, we had to cover the entire city with Plasmatics posters. We had competed for other groups and real professional Movie Poster Pasting Guys, and we included over their whole billboards in the middle of the night in the begging and driving around my burgundy colored Citroen DS21, then we got 10-foot ladders and switched Rod’s, Ford Van.

Richie and I were the original posters warrior gangs. The average one-night poster, we went out from Rod’s office. It counted many as 1000. But we used about 800-900 signs to paste and cover with the water-based glue with the bucket, and the paintbrush to entire Manhattan’s many blank walls was expected to be severe fun time.

And once we began to draw a crowd, Richie asked me. “I’m thinking about doing Mohawk. You know Mohican haircut.”I ever saw Mohikan guy in Manhattan. And Richie told me, “You know TAXI DRIVER? Robert Deniro does that his last scene.” And next day he did the Mohawk haircut.

Richie Stotts had started in Mohawk; It became Punk Default hairdo.