Club 57 at Museum Modern Art New York (POSTED ON NOVEMBER 21, 2017)

Club 57 at Museum Modern Art New York

For a beginning, I just spit out all Plasmatics stuff, it’s my duty to confess everything. Also, right now, there is an exhibition at Museum Modern Art New York, they are showing late 1970 to early 1980’s New York Downtown Art scene, Club 57. Here is the link:

However, Club 57’s origins had little to do with art. The Holy Cross Polish National Catholic Church had charged Stanley Strychacki, who had arrived in the neighborhood from Poland in 1972, with raising additional parish revenue from their cavernous Gramercy Park wedding hall, Irving Plaza, as well as from the church’s barely used basement bar, which Mr. Strychacki named the East Village Students Club. But Mr. Strychacki quickly grew bored of catering to either the polka crowd or New York University students. Instead, he found himself drawn toward the punk and garage rock bands springing up nearby.