The small-gage format motion picture camera

East / West Zeiss Ikon

It’s a privilege to know the history of the cinema, my NYU grad school’s primary was Cinema Study, it was not the Tisch School of the Arts that time, was the program of the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS). But I’ve joined and started Plasmatics for the 2nd year of Grad school, and I’ve dropped out. But I have BFA, and my major was the Motion Picture in general, I have extensive knowledge of both side, the scientific side of the motion picture industry, and the entertainment business end. I am a retiree from the motion picture production business, but I am still learning the history of the motion picture science. I just discovered 1950’s East Germany’s Zeiss Ikon history was fascinating and somehow tragic, but those innovations are still alive, and we’re benefiting in this days. I became the collector of the small-gage format motion picture camera, and I love it.